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Bliss Beverage was the first Energy drink company to create a 2oz Shot only behind 5-Hour Energy. Socko Energy was known as one of the first companies to offer the 2 energy drinks for $3 rotation. 
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) co-branded with Socko Energy making the Bliss Company first to ever liscense the WWE for a beverage.
Socko Energy secured a national deal through all Wal-Mart, GNC and others when the company was only a few years old. Socko Began expanding to Mexico and Japan. Socko Energy was only #2 behind Redbull in foreign markets.
Throwdown is still available around the world and still a leading brand in the Fight world. Throwdown fight gyms are still a popular breeding ground for the next UFC star. This just adds to the vision Mike Jannicelli, Co-Founder had for this company since college.

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